Why Choose Us?

Applying for university and college is an exciting time in a student’s life that is full of possibility and potential. Preparing oneself for this important milestone can be both rewarding and challenging to students and parents. 

Susan Lawson Educational Consulting helps students navigate the application process, while alleviating some of the pressures and struggles that may accompany it. With her comprehensive one-on-one approach to each individual’s academic and personal circumstances, she empowers students to better define their academic goals and create a plan to achieve them.

Susan Lawson’s thorough and personable approach to the university application process offers the following benefits:

  • A personal investment in getting to know the student’s interests, strengths and challenges through conversation as well as personality, interest and aptitude assessments.
  • An examination of potential study and career options that match the student’s strengths to his or her interests.
  • An in-depth understanding of the most up-to-date university program offerings and latest career trends.
  • Alleviates stress between parents and student by providing objective advice and guidance.
  • A clarification of admission criteria and coaching on admission essays and interviews.
  • An in-depth knowledge of all university campuses, personally toured by Susan.
  • Guidance on time management to keep student on track during application process and improving chances of acceptance.
  • A deep understanding of the unique needs of the student athlete and the importance of helping one find the right academic, social and athletic environment.
  • Empowers the student to make a conscious decision on his or her academic future.

I worked with Sue during the Fall of 2013 when she came to help our students with the University application process.  I referred many of my students to Sue, because I knew that they would get so much out of their time with her.  Simply put, Sue has that ability to make anyone who she is chatting with to feel at ease.  When it comes to choosing Colleges, students can often feel overwhelmed, anxious and just simply not knowing where to start.  Within the first minutes of the first meeting, students feel heard, supported and even start to get excited about the possibility of choosing colleges that in the end will suit them.  Sue has the ability to not only get a feel for each student she works for, but also for truly helping each student brainstorm and investigate a whole host of schools.  Then, she is able to help guide students to answering all the big questions, so that they can start narrowing down their list.  In the end, students walk away not only feeling incredibly confident that they are going to apply to the schools that are right for them, but also they feel that they have the most incredible coach.  One who is not only so well versed in the College application process, but one who is warm, funny, charming, caring and simply AWESOME.  And that’s why you should hire Sue Lawson!


Guidance Counsellor