For athletes, the university selection and application process is an exciting experience that opens a world of possibilities. With so many options available and steps to accomplish however, the process can be quite complex. Susan Lawson Educational Consulting helps the student athlete navigate the entire application experience for both Canadian and U.S. universities and colleges. Her individualized approach provides student athletes with the knowledge, tools and self-awareness to confidently select the most suitable course for their future.

This process is best initiated in grade 11 or at the start of grade 12 for those interested in Canadian universities. For athletes interested in applying to U.S. universities, the process should begin by grade 10.

The individual approach includes:

  • Initial consultation with the student and parents to ascertain interests, skills, strengths, challenges, academic and athletic goals
  • Getting to know the student through one-on-one discussions and personality and career assessments
  • Transcript review and assistance with high school course selection
  • For U.S. universities: NCAA registration and eligibility
  • Generating a comprehensive list of university programs that meet student’s athletic and academic goals
  • Review of scholarship options
  • Creation of an athletic resume
  • Standardized testing advice and scheduling
  • Advice regarding extra-curricular activities/summer opportunities
  • Development of a communication strategy with coaches
  • Planning for unofficial and official campus visits
  • Interview preparation
  • Advice regarding Letters of Recommendation
  • Application strategy EA/ED/RD
  • Essay, personal statement and supplement brainstorming and review
  • Assistance in interpretation of communication from coaches
  • Comparison of Canadian and US schools and programs
  • Guidance on decision-making process when acceptances arrive
  • Information session on how to transition to post-secondary school life

This individual approach is customizable to each student and may include one or all of the above services.

I’m not sure where to begin because Sue was such a great help in the application process! Thanks to her valuable knowledge and guidance she helped me realize what I was looking for in a university. She provided important input and information regarding every school I contacted, and kept me on track with timing, specifically on when to contact schools, produce a video and when to make a decision. Contacting the coaches was made less overwhelming thanks to Sue. She taught me the most appropriate ways to communicate with coaches – what to say, how to respond and knowing whether or not they were interested. Her guidance also helped me understand how to effectively write a common application essay so that I provided what the readers would be looking for. Overall, Sue made this process so much easier!

Harvard University student/athlete