High school students applying to U.S. schools

Applying to the U.S. is a complex and multi-faceted process that includes high school course selection, standardized testing, application timing and process. With more than 4000 universities and colleges in the U.S., finding the right fit for each student is crucial. Susan Lawson Educational Consulting offers a high level of expertise in this important process. Susan graduated with distinction from the Post-Graduate College Admissions Certificate program at UCLA and has toured over 90 schools in the U.S. Her breadth of experience and knowledge helps high school students confidently navigate the university landscape across the United States.

Because academic requirements are different for U.S. schools than Canadian schools, students need to start early. The process should be initiated in grade 10 or at the start of grade 11. 


The Individual approach includes:

  • Initial consultation with the student and parents
  • Review of academic history and transcripts
  • Assistance with high school course selection
  • Completion and discussion of personality and career assessments
  • Guidance on breadth and depth of university and college programs 
  • Generating a comprehensive list of U.S. programs based on discussions
  • Standardized testing advice and scheduling
  • Advice regarding extra-curricular activities/summer opportunities
  • Campus visit preparation
  • Interview preparation
  • Advice regarding Letters of Recommendation
  • Application strategy EA/ED/RD
  • Essay, personal statement and supplement brainstorming and review
  • Comparison of Canadian and US schools and programs
  • Assistance with application process for chosen programs of study
  • Guidance on decision-making process

This individual approach is customizable to each student and may include one or all of the above services.

I started the process of looking at universities early – in grade 10. With Sue, I looked at Canadian, U.S. and U.K. universities. At that point, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I was interested in a lot of different things, but I wasn’t able to choose which area to pursue. Through Sue’s exercises and the personality and interest tests, I was able to figure out, myself, what I wanted to study in university. I ended up applying to a few U.S. universities, and Parsons was my first choice.

Not only is Sue super nice and easy to talk to, she helped keep me organized and made the whole process of applying a lot easier. She knew all the deadlines and would give me homework to complete essays well ahead of deadlines and then review them with me. She was always honest, which I appreciated. She will tell you if something won’t work with your application. She was also really helpful with time management, and her knowledge of U.S. universities was very valuable. Sue could contact people I wouldn’t have been able to. I could ask her any question, and she would find out the answer way faster than if I did it myself. I would definitely recommend her. She is super nice and she helps you complete all the necessary steps to submit a strong application to every program you want to apply to. Although I’m a naturally driven person already, Sue made the process quicker and easier.


Parsons School of Design student