High school students applying to Canadian schools

Selecting the right path for high school students facing graduation is an exciting experience. The transition from high school to post-secondary is filled with possibility and potential, but it can also be challenging. Susan Lawson Educational Consulting helps students explore the wide selection of post-secondary school options available today, while ascertaining each student’s individual strengths and personal interests. Her individualized approach provides students with the knowledge, self-awareness and focus to make a more informed and confident choice on their academic future.

This process is best initiated in grade 11 or at the start of grade 12 and is suited to a student facing any of the following concerns:

  • Seeking guidance on what to pursue academically after high school graduation
  • Understanding of all the university and college programs that now exist in his or her area of interest, and the requirements for acceptance
  • Requiring strategies for time management and meeting requirements of desired university or college programs

The individual approach includes:

  • Initial consultation with the student and parents to ascertain interests, skills, strengths and challenges
  • Getting to know the student through one-on-one discussions and personality and career assessments
  • Transcript review and assistance with high school course selection
  • Generating a comprehensive list of Canadian university programs for the student to review. U.S. programs and U.K. direct entry professional programs can also be provided
  • Advice regarding extra-curricular activities/summer opportunities
  • Campus visit preparation
  • Assistance with the application process for chosen programs of study
  • Essay, personal statement and supplement brainstorming and review
  • Interview preparation
  • Guidance on decision-making process when acceptances arrive
  • Information session on how to transition to post-secondary school life

This individual approach is customizable to each student and may include one or all of the above services.

Susan has been a great help in assisting David with his career path. She has guided him in this difficult quest to find out what he really wants and in the process, he has learnt much about himself. There are some things that parents cannot do for their children….no matter how close a relationship you might have with them. Sue has really bridged that gap. Besides having a wonderful way with young people, she approaches sensitive issues in an unthreatening way.


Parent, Oakville Ontario