During the initial session with the student and parents, Susan explains her philosophy and services. This is followed up by a more in-depth conversation with the student as well as assessments on personality, interests and aptitude.


The student receives a comprehensive list of schools and programs that may be a good fit, based on the assessments and discussions. The student reviews the list and, with Susan’s guidance, narrows the list to programs that are the best fit.


For some programs, standardized testing is a critical component of the application process. Susan works with the student to develop a standardized testing strategy.


During application time, Susan collaborates with the student to determine where to apply, assists in brainstorming and reviews applications and essays.


During the crucial decision-making time, Susan works with the student to assess all options and elect the program of study that best fits his or her priorities, interests, abilities and career aspirations.


As the final year of high school draws to a close, students are invited to attend an informative workshop on how to transition to higher education from an academic and social perspective.