High school students applying to U.K. schools

Canadian students may consider applying to schools in the U.K. to enjoy early specialization, for international experience or for direct entry into professional programs. Susan Lawson Educational Consulting helps students navigate through the process that is unique to U.K. university programs from determining what standardized tests to write to coaching on the content and style of a personal statement.

The Individual approach includes:

  • Initial consultation with the student and parents
  • Guidance on breadth and depth of university and college programs
  • Generating a comprehensive list of U.K. programs based on discussions
  • Navigating what standardized tests to write
  • Coaching on content and style of personal statement
  • Assistance with application process for chosen programs of study
  • Guidance on decision-making process

This individual approach is customizable to each student and may include one or all of the above services.

When I was applying to Medical Schools in Ireland, Sue was an immense help in constructing my personal statement.  Getting started is the most difficult part, but once she and I sat down and talked through rough ideas that I wanted to include in the statement, I was able to put together my thoughts on paper.  I went back to Sue once I had written up a rough draft and she was able to help organize it in a clear and concise way and help me relate all my points back to medicine, which is what the schools are looking for.  Her help in this process was invaluable and I cannot thank her enough. Thanks again for all your help during that process!


Medical student in Ireland